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Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, our B&B operations have been adapted to guarantee safety for our customers and compliance with regulations. Additional cleaning and hygiene measures have been implemented and some procedures and spaces have been adjusted. These changes may affect some services. 

Artistic B&B is very much aware that events related to the COVID-19 coronavirus and the intense amount of information it is generating requires us to make an extra effort regarding transparency, openness and proximity with respect to everyone who has placed their trust in our business.

Safe Stay in Artistic B&B

Given the extraordinary situation created by Covid-19, Artistic B&B has devised an operational transformation strategy based on the following premises:

Safety for employees and customers.

Reduced contact in interactions between customers and employees.

Optimisation of operational processes, simplifying the service.

Adaptation of our brand to new paradigms and customer needs.

Based on these principles, new cleaning, hygiene and social distancing measures have been developed to allow the opening of our business within a framework of confidence and safety.

New Extra Cleaning and Hygiene Measures

New cleaning equipment.

New cleaning and disinfection protocols certified for external auditors, including new cleaning equipment and products to be used during the whole stay.

Special prevention plan.

We have created a special prevention and maintenance plan for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and water systems.

Personal protective equipment.

Specific personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene equipment. Training in health standards prior to opening for all employees.

Laundry procedures.

A protocol has been defined for external laundries for washing and collecting linen during the stay and after the customer’s departure to avoid contamination.

Cleaning on request.

Customers can decide whether they want to use the cleaning service during their stay. Cleaning will always be done when the customer is out of the room.

Elimination of waste bin.

All paper and stationery in the room will be eliminated. The bathroom waste bin will remain and must have a lid, double bag and non-manual opening system.

Elimination of ítems that are dry cleaned.

Decorative items that do not comply with new cleaning protocols (washing at more than 60º) will be eliminated. Example: cushions, etc.

Dispensers and prevention kit.

Hydroalcoholic solution dispensers for hand cleaning will be placed in public areas. As well all the customers will also have a daily prevention kit for free (masks, gloves and gel).

New Personal Space: Social Distancing

New signage system.

A new signage system to inform customers and indicate how spaces will be used and the need for social distancing.

Capacity reduction.

A space management tool has been implemented to reduce capacity in meeting rooms to guarantee social distancing and personal space.

Breakfast modification: market-style system.

We adapt our breakfast to the Market formal, offering the same variety of foods, but limiting the capacity of the breakfast área, establishing half-hour shifts.


Artistic B&B has reached an agreement with the company CORTYFADER, a benchmark company in the national market, dedicated to providing specific and personalized solutions for cleaning within the hospitality sector. Research, development and innovation are our hallmarks, that’s why we produce the most advanced washing and disinfection products and systems, guaranteeing compliance with the quality and hygiene standards required by health authorities.


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